Fee Schedule for Evalynn Bishop Hall,
Howard Park
600 S. Church St.
Ione, Ca  95640

Main Hall Rental Only - (Capacity 750):    
  • Commercial or Private Use
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Non-profit Youth activities, with kitchen


  • Early Set Up Fee


  • Facility Cleaning Fee (mandatory)


Deposits Required at Time of Rental:    
  • Personal Item Cleanup Deposit*
  • Property Damage Deposit*
  • Key Deposit
$25.00 refunded when key is returned
Kitchen Facility Use - (available only in conjunction with hall rental):    
  • Commercial or Private Use
  $100.00 (Optional rental)
  • Non-profit organizations
  $55.00 (Optional rental)
  • Adult Beverage Bar
  $25.00 (Optional rental)
Police Coverage - (when necessary):    
  • Each Officer
  $40.00 per hour
Amphitheater/Stage:   $10.00
Arena (1-40 people)   $300.00 per day
Arena (40+ people)
  $7.00 per person over 40 people with maximum cap of $600.00
Arena Lighting                                                                                                     


$130.00 per day for events
$10.00 per hour - maximum $120.00 per event


Note: All rentals for the Hall are on a per day basis, and require a (refundable upon inspection) $225.00 security/cleaning deposit, as well as a (refundable upon return) $25.00 key deposit. The City requires a setup fee of the full rental rate of the hall if the renter must occupy the facilities more than 24 hours prior to actual event. Certificate of Liability Insurance required, naming the City of Ione as additional insured in the amount of One Million Dollars for term of rental.

Rental applications available at City Hall, #1 Main Street, Ione CA. P.O. Box 398, Ione CA 95640-0398


* Deposits are refundable if all drecorations & personal property is removed from building and not damage is done to hall.


For More Information:  Call 209-274-2412, ext. 100.

Copyright 2013 City of Ione